Why Patients Choose Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital?

Why Patients Choose Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital?

There are several advantages that distinguish Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital and encourage patients to choose our medical services. Some of these advantages include: 

Elegant and Delightful Facilities:

The hospital building has been carefully designed by institutions and consultants specialized in the field of hospital construction and operation. These consultants have taken into consideration the international standards of modern healthcare systems. The hospital has been furnished with medical furniture that caters to the patient’s physical, psychological and spiritual comfort. The hospital is outfitted with medical furniture that caters to the patient’s physical and psychological comfort. The hospital is also equipped with the latest medical technology. We have implemented an integrated “HIMS” (Hospital Information Management System) to enhance the safety and well-being of the patients, visitors, and employees, and to prevent unintentional medical and financial errors.

Compassionate Treatment:

The medical, nursing, and administrative staff at IHH have mastered the art of dealing with all clients, whether they are patients, guests, visitors, government agencies, or commercial businesses. We provide quality services with high professionalism and morals to our patients and their families, in correspondence with the holy verse: “And lower unto them the wing of humility, out of mercy” in order to reduce some of the physical or psychological stress that they and their families may suffer. Our work philosophy is based on the fact that the patient is always right, though sometimes fallen into error. Our employees are trained to welcome all patients and address their complaints if there were any. Therefore, the patients and their families feel comfortable, reassured, and confident in the level of care at this medical center.

Distinguished Physicians:

One of our objectives is to recruit highly skilled, local and visiting physicians, who are experienced and accomplished in their medical specialties. We’ve had the honor of hosting world-renowned physicians who have enriched our hospital with their scientific expertise, including Prof. Sarwat Husain, the first Chief Medical Officer of the hospital, interventional radiologist Yasser Haidar, orthopedic surgeon Mortaza Adeeb, and neurosurgeon Isaac Lattouf. . . . . . . The hospital is also staffed by physicians from international health centers in the United States, Canada, and Europe, who offer medical consultations and participate in the training and development of the hospital staff. The credential committee is in charge of the evaluation and placement of doctors and it consists of local and international specialists and professionals who investigate and evaluate all new physicians, and review their certificates and documentations, and then grant them the clinical privileges to start working at the hospital. No physician is excluded from this process. . .

Our physicians care about their patients and spare no effort in maintaining their physical and psychological safety during their stay at the hospital and after they've been discharged.

Protecting Patient Privacy:

Respecting the patient’s individuality and privacy is one of the basic pillars of modern healthcare which the hospital not only seeks to reinforce but to also spread public awareness and educate society about, in order to uphold this humane and religious principle. 

Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital offers the best medical services in compliance with world-class standards to all patients regardless of their geographical, ethnic and ideological affiliations, while focusing on underserved patients. . .

Simple Fees:

In the absence of government support and health insurance companies, patients; unfortunately, find themselves obliged to incur the high cost of treatment in private hospitals. The philosophy behind the establishment of Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital is to alleviate the suffering of underserved and low-income families. Prices were set to correspond with the average income of citizens and at a much lower rate than what other private health centers charge. There are special forms you can fill out to get additional discounts or free medical services.