Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The NICU is considered one of the main departments at the hospital. It’s concerned with providing medical and nursing care for infants and premature babies.

The NICU consists of:

1) The Newborn Unit:

This is where newborn babies are received by a highly-skilled medical staff. Newborns are resuscitated at the delivery room and the nurse provides full nursing care to meet the newborn’s needs.

2) The Neonatal Unit, which consists of:

The Inpatient Unit:

Premature babies, who are resuscitated at the delivery room and their health condition requires monitoring and treatment, are sent to the neonatal department where they’re given full medical and nursing care by experts. The newborn is put on a ventilator and is given Survanta to help him breathe. All necessary procedures are performed to meet the patient’s needs. This unit receives cases for preemies who are less than 30 weeks old (since conception), as well as cases of jaundice, congenital deformities, and surgical intervention, etc.

The Outpatient Unit:

This is where patients are received from outside the hospital or from outside the country and are given full medical and nursing care. Comprehensive health education about breastfeeding is provided to mothers at the neonatal unit. There is a special room for breastfeeding at the unit and breastfeeding brochures are distributed to mothers.

The neonatal department contains
the finest and most valuable devices
to provide the best healthcare for patients, such as:

NICU Objectives: