What is a “Charity” Work?

It is a nonprofit work with great philanthropic value performed by an individual, group, or organization in order to support and develop the lives of citizens in a humanitarian manner. This type of community service is free-of-charge. Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital was founded by the donations and contribution of righteous people from around the world. The hospital is not affiliated with any religious or political party.

We provide quality medical services to patients -in compliance with international healthcare standards- in exchange for a nominal fee to cover the costs of treatment, and there are no business beneficiaries.

In other words, Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital project is a nonprofit charity. Our objective is not money-oriented, but we seek God’s satisfaction and to heal The Sick.

What are Operational Costs?

Operational costs are the financial expenses associated with the sustainability, maintenance, and operation of the hospital’s daily business, regardless of the number of employees and visitors and as long as the hospital doors remain open for the public.

For further clarification, read below:

Expenses Monthly Amount (IQD) Annual Amount (IQD)

Electricity, water, fuel, oils 38,000,000 456,000,000

Cleaning, sterilization 42,000,000 504,000,000

Leaves of absence, maintenance, services 45,000,0000 540,000,000

               Total                                                                                                     125,000,000                                   1,500,000,000       


These expenses do not include the medical, nursing, and technical staff salaries, nor the cost of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) during the Corona pandemic, which is currently 80,000,000 IQDs per month.