Founder's Statement

His Eminence, Sayed Murtada Mohammed Sadiq Al-Qazweeni

"In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful"

Assalam alaikum, my dear sons and daughters… 

We pray to Allah to bestow an abundance of blessings on the Islamic nation, and we thank Him for protecting us from calamities, as we are witnessing a decline in COVID-19 cases, locally and internationally. 

It’s no secret that Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital has generously treated Corona patients and met their needs during the peak of this global crisis. 

I am delighted to inform you that we are approaching the hospital’s 6th anniversary with a new milestone. We have recently fulfilled the goal of this blessed project, which is performing open heart surgery (coronary artery bypass grafting and valve replacement). 

These surgeries synchronized with the birth anniversary of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on the 17th of Rabiʻ I, 1444 Hijri, which brought much joy and comfort to the hearts of patients and their families. 

This achievement is a symbol of pride and victory for the hospital administration and staff, however, it’s also a big responsibility for them, as they have to follow up on the patients’ health condition after they return to their homes and families. In addition, the staff must elevate the quality of healthcare services to match the new status and reputation of the hospital. 

Thus, Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital continues its mission to comply with international health systems and standards, to ensure that this humanitarian work is accepted by Allah and approved by the philanthropists who have donated for the establishment of this blessed project, to please Allah and as a tribute to Imam Hussein (AS). 

I pray to Allah Almighty to bestow more blessings and success upon this project, to treat underserved citizens. I encourage my sons and daughters in faith to continue extending a helping hand to the hospital, to delight Allah, the prophet, and imams.