High Dependency Unit

What is the HDU?

Since the grand opening of Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital and the administration has been keen on providing the best medical services at the special care units which are the CCU, ICU, and HDU.
Following the latest international standardization systems, we’ve previously opened the ICU and CCU at the hands of top healthcare providers.
And now we celebrate the opening of the High Dependency Unit (HDU), thanks to Allah and to the great efforts and collaboration of our medical and logistic departments.

Who are the patients that the HDU caters to?

The HDU receives patients who have a defect in the physiological parameters of one vital organ only, such as partially impaired awareness, mild heart failure, patients who don’t have dyspnea, and whose vital signs are stable but still need low-dose oxygen therapy. Patients with a defect in the physiological indicators of more than one vital organ are brought to the intensive care department, for example, patients with impaired consciousness that causes a loss of control over the respiratory tracts. This leads to oral and pharyngeal fluids returning from the stomach to the mouth and then inhaled into the trachea and lungs. Such patients are put on an endotracheal tube to protect the trachea and lungs, and they’re connected to a ventilation machine in the Intensive Care Unit.

Patients with heart failure that leads to severe dyspnea or respiratory failure are considered to be physiologically unstable in more than one vital system and are also brought to the ICU.

The HDU also receives:

Patients who are discharged from the ICU after their health condition has improved and they no longer need intensive care, are brought to the HDU to rehabilitate them to be sent to the inpatient wards.
The HDU also receives patients who have just undergone surgery, such as:
– Long surgeries.
– Major and supra-major surgeries.
– Certain surgeries in elderly patients.
– Certain neurosurgeries.
– Any surgery with potential complications.

Expert Staff and Advanced Medical Technology

Our HDU is staffed with highly-qualified individuals. The unit is also outfitted with various life-saving equipment and medicines, in addition to medical devices such as the DC shock device, monitors with a central monitoring unit, and intravenous pumping devices to give intravenous fluids and medicines in specific doses, according to the weight, health condition, and needs of the patient.
The physicians in charge follow up on their patients in this unit with the assistance of resident doctors who are well-experienced in special care techniques and they monitor patients around the clock. The intensive care team is consulted in case of any complications to guarantee the highest level of medical care to patients.