Hospital Family

Since its inception, this project has been honored with a large group of loyal friends who have followed the formation and establishment of this project and witnessed the stages of its completion with the operation and provision of medical and health services. A large group of people became family members of this hospital, through their direct experience as recipients of the hospital’s medical care. This created great empathy for the mission of the hospital, and passion to keep pace with and follow the stages of its operations and the progress in its medical services. This is in addition to the large group of donors and contributors around the world who are following the hospital activities and news with great interest
Consequently, to express gratitude to this good-hearted group of loyalists, we have founded The Hospital Family program, to welcome and embrace these patients as well as the well-wishers through their participation in our medical and scientific activities in addition to cultural events. The hospital also offers some privileges such as discounts on some services, priority in booking appointments with visiting doctors and surgeons, waving the advance fees for surgical interventions and other medical services, engaging in the voluntary services for patients, as well as participation in health awareness and education programs conducted by the hospital on a local and national level.
This is in addition to the large group of donors and contributors around the world who are following the hospital activities and news with great interest. Hereby, from this platform, we greet them and send them our gratitude and appreciation for their great compassion and unwavering support. We welcome their suggestions and constructive criticism, in order to provide the best healthcare for patients.

The patient is considered a member of our family when he/she visits the hospital for four or more cases annually. The following privileges will be granted to him/her with a form to fill and handover at the information desk so that the media unit can follow up with him/her.

Each member of Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital family receives the privileges and duties of a Hospital Family cardholder:

First: Privileges

The cardholder and his first-degree relatives (father, mother, son, husband, or wife) shall be granted a discount for medical services within the hospital according to the following rates: 1. 20% discount for medical services up to 100,000 Iraqi dinars. 2. 15% for medical services (100,000 - 1000.000) Iraqi dinars. 3. 10% for medical services (1000.000-3000.000) Iraqi dinars. 4. The above discount does not include medicines from the outpatient pharmacy. 5. Free emergency visit (examination only) on holidays selected by the hospital. 6. Free annual examination (blood and glucose test, ECG, eye exam).

Second: Obligations

We expect the cardholder to commit to the following: 1. Volunteering at the hospital and participating in the activities that the hospital invites the cardholder to, depending on his/her ability and the resources available to him/her. 2. Attending the seminars and conferences that the hospital holds and invites the cardholder to. 3. Continuous follow-up with the hospital’s media and PR department and responding to suspicions through continuous follow-up. 4. The first three months are considered a test period before issuing the card. The patient and his first-degree relatives must visit the hospital at least 5 times before receiving the card. 5. After the card is issued, the cardholder and his family must visit the hospital at least 10 times throughout the year. 6. To receive the “Hospital Family” membership, please contact the media department on this number: 07715944429. 07715944429

Disclaimer: The membership card is valid for one year from the date of issue, and it is granted again after evaluation.