Urgent Care Clinic

Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital is considered a pioneering charity due to opening and operating the emergency unit with a specialized medical and nursing staff, to provide urgent medical services around the clock. The emergency unit at our hospital is one of the first medical departments that began operating since early 2017. This unit is important and vital for the hospital.

The unit consists of the following facilities:

1. Patient reception hall
2. Medical categorization room
3. Inpatient ward (contains 9 beds)
4. Recovery room
5. Minor surgery room

When the patient is admitted to the E.R., a medical record is created for him, and he’s examined and his vital signs are checked at the medical categorization room by a nurse with a BSN degree. Then, the patient is sent to the inpatient ward to be examined and treated by a specialist doctor. Proper treatment is prescribed according to the doctor’s diagnosis.
In most cases, the patient’s health condition requires monitoring and a detailed medical investigation. This is done with radiology tests such as ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, and x-rays, in addition to lab tests. When the patient is in stable state, he’s authorized to be discharged or admitted to hospital wards like resuscitation wards or internal medicine and surgical wards.
This clinic is considered one of the country’s best, as it provides the mentioned services at the level of international standards with a short response time, latest medical technologies and international protocols.