Admission Office

The admission office is the compass that guides patients during their journey across Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital departments, starting from the surgical theater, delivery room, ICU, or CCU, all the way to the inpatient wards.

The admission officer explains to the patient and his/her family all admission and discharge procedures, and their financial obligations.

Important Information

  • The invoice includes surgery and insurance fees. 
  • The insurance fees cover anesthetics and radiology tests. You may be charged more or less, depending on your situation. 
  • Unforeseen drugs that are administered to the patient during his surgery or stay at the hospital are invoiced separately. Payment is made at the Pharmacy Department before checking out at the admission office. 
  • Unforeseen laboratory tests that are carried out during the patient’s surgery or stay are invoiced separately. A separate payment must be made by the patient before checking out at the admission office. 
  • Surgery fees cover the surgeon’s fees (stated in the invoice), anesthesiologists, anesthetists, surgeon assistants, and resident doctors’ fees. They also cover the cost of the inpatient room, maintenance, services, and medical equipment installments. 
  • IHH administration is not responsible for any financial agreement between patients and surgeons from outside the hospital. 
  • If the patient’s laboratory report indicates an infection, the cost of  sterilizing and disinfecting his room is added to the hospital fees. 
  • 100,000 IQD is added to hospital fees when a normal delivery turns into a C-section, and when the mother has twins. 


  • Safeguard hospital property. Violators will be fined for damage of furniture and medical equipment. 
  • Patient visiting hours are between 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM, and on days selected by the administration. 
  • One chaperone is allowed per patient. An additional chaperone must pay 60,000 IQD per night. 
  • Food from outside the hospital isn’t allowed. 
  • Cigarettes and smoking aren’t allowed inside the hospital. Violators will be fined 50,000 IQD. 
  • Only two visitors are allowed inside the patient’s room in order not to disturb him and other patients. 
  • Each visit must not exceed 10 minutes in order to ensure patient safety. 
  • Men aren’t allowed to stay overnight at the maternity ward. 
  • Please remain calm inside the hospital. 
  • Please do not use your phone inside the inpatient ward. 
  • Please do not intervene with the staff’s work. 
  • The patient’s chaperone must not be old or suffering from chronic diseases. 
  • Please do not verbally or physically abuse any medical staff member. Violators will be arrested and fined according to Doctors’ Protection Law No. 26 / 2013. 
  • The hospital administration welcomes all suggestions and complaints. 
  • Gifts and tips are strictly prohibited in order to prevent corruption. Violators will face legal consequences and will be fined. The hospital is under 24 hour video surveillance. 
  • If a patient does not commit to patient wear inside the ward, he will be fined 25,000 IQD. If reusable wear is damaged or lost, the patient will be fined 10,000 IQD. 
  • If a patient requests to be moved from one room to another, he must pay 25,000 IQD. 
  • If the second chaperone doesn’t leave the room or adhere to hospital laws, the patient will be fined 75,000 IQD.