Operation Room

Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital has five operation theatres, a catheterization lab and a minor surgery room at the emergency unit. These rooms are considered the heart of our hospital due to their essential role in saving patients’ lives through surgical interventions. They have been given special care in their design, construction and equipping. The walls of the surgical rooms are covered with powder-coated stainless steel, making them an ideal place for cleanliness and safety.

Some of the technical specifications of these rooms:

1. They’re overlaid with plates, in order to easily and efficiently clean and sterilize them. The plates consist of two layers of antibacterial powder-coated stainless steel, the layers are interspersed with compressed glass wool for sound and heat insulation.

2. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC): All surgical rooms are equipped with a laminar airflow system to provide 100% fresh air. The system consists of AHU, exhaust fans and HEPA filters, and it ensures the purity of air and absolute absence of pollutants and bacteria and also the stability of temperature and air pressure inside the operation room, in accordance with the requirements and types of surgeries.

3. Earthing: Operation room floors have a copper mesh earthing which is a system of fine copper grids connected to the general earthing system to prevent electrostatic charges resulting from movement and friction that causes devices to malfunction and flammable gases to leak into the rooms.

4. Isolation Power Supply (IPS): The rooms are equipped with an IPS system to prevent the patient and surgical staff from being electrocuted during surgery.

5. Surgical lights: The lighting system in the operation room consists of:

– Ceiling lights: They’re suspended from the ceiling and used by the surgeon to focus on the operation site of the patient’s body and limbs. One of the advantages of these lights is that they don’t create heat and they can be adjusted with a handle that allows the surgical team to focus the lighting however necessary and in all directions. These lights are connected to a central control panel.

– Fixed (common) lights: They’re also connected to the control panel.

– Headlights: They’re the surgeon’s front lights which he wears on his head to focus the lighting on the smallest details during surgery.

6. Surgical Pendants: Every operation room has two pendants (surgical pendant and anesthesia pendant), each one is equipped with connectors to several medical gases, e.g. CO2 and AGSS. These pendants can hold the monitors, scopes and anesthesia devices, as well as the electricity outlets and their connections.

7. Control Panel: All rooms are equipped with a control panel that allows the surgical and nursing team to control lighting, air conditioning, humidity and air pressure in the operation room.

8. Telemedicine System: The open-heart operation room is equipped with a telemedicine system to broadcast the surgery on the Internet or in closed circuit videoconferencing. This feature provides the opportunity of training and development as well as quality improvement of our surgical system.

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