In Pictures: IHH Responds to an Urgent Case and Bears All Surgery and Medical Treatment Charges

Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital, and in cooperation with Lady Fatima Foundation (UK), bore the surgery and treatment cost of a woman in her 60s who was suffering from gallstones, chronic cholecystitis, a liver cyst, and abdominal wall hernia.

She was in critical condition and in need of a major surgery which was too expensive for her to afford. Therefore, Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital administration decided to sponsor this humanitarian case and coordinate with Lady Fatima Foundation for financial support.

After the surgery, the patient had a full recovery under the exceptional supervision of Dr. Hadi Awad, general surgeon and Chief Medical Officer at the hospital. A day after the surgery, the hospital administration visited the patient to check up on her health condition and provide her with medical necessities.

IHH commends charity institutions that sponsor patients who need financial aid while the hospital provides all medical requirements in cooperation.

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