By Endoscopy: Removing a Rare Tumor from the Large Intestine of a Patient is His 40s

The medical team of gastroenterology at Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital, led by GI surgeon Dr. Emad Abd Al-Sahib Gaddoa and general surgeon Dr. Abd Al-Razzaq Khalaf, succeeded in performing an endoscopic procedure for a man in his 40s, suffering from colon cancer.

Dr. Emad stated: “a complicated endoscopic procedure was performed on a patient in his late 40s who suffers from colon cancer which resulted in a semi-total blockage in his large intestine.”

The doctor added: “the tumor that caused the blockage, which was 8 cm long, was removed in a 3-hour endoscopic surgery by making 4 small, 1 cm abdominal incisions. The tumor was removed through a 4 cm lateral incision. Praise be to Allah, the patient is currently in a stable condition.”


It’s worth mentioning that the surgical team at Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital continues to treat all gastrointestinal tumors using endoscopic techniques, this includes the removal of gastrointestinal tumors (gallbladder problems, large intestine tumors, pancreatitis, liver cysts, splenomegaly), as well as treating complex diseases of the rectum (including anal fissure, hemorrhoids, and rectal prolapse), rectal surgery (hemorrhoids, anal fissure and fistula), hernia surgery, and emergency appendectomy.


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