Dr. Emad Abd Al-Sahib Gaddoa

Specialized in gastroenterology, general surgery and endoscopy with 16 years of experience working in British hospitals.
Lecturer at Karbala University, College of Medicine (Surgery)  
(FICS) Fellow of the International College of Surgeons / USA
(AFST) Associate of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers / RCS Edinburgh
(EITS) Member of the European Institute of Telesurgery / France
(DLS) Diploma of Laparoscopic Surgery / France
(MD) Master of surgical science Degree / University of London, UK
(DIC) Diploma of Imperial College / General Surgery / UK
(MRCS) Member of the Royal College of Surgeons / Edinburgh
Workhours: Sunday and Thursday of every week, from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

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