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Clinical Laboratory of Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital:

The lab was established since the first stages of construction, due to it being an important section in the hospital. When construction was completed, we began equipping the lab with the modern devices of international origin, such as ABBOT, LABCONCO, BIOMERIEUX, KARL ZEISS, LEICA… etc. All for the purpose of providing the best and most accurate test results to our patients and at suitable prices that the public can afford, in order to benefit from those lab services.

The laboratory consists of a number of units for regular, diagnostic and specialty testing, in coordination with doctors’ requests. These units are:

Hematology unit:

Equipped with two devices, one from the American company ABBOT (Ruby five differential) which gives a detailed image of blood components and white blood cells. The other is (SWELAB three parts) from the Swedish company, SWELAB.

Biochemistry unit:

Equipped with an (Architect plus c4000) from the American company, ABBOT. This device runs biochemistry tests with 400 tests per hour. The unit is also equipped with a (Drichem NX500i) from the Japanese company, FujiFilm, and it’s considered a supporting device when needed.

Hormones and Viruses unit:

Equipped with an (Architect i1000) from the American company, ABBOT. This device runs all types of hormonal and viral infection tests, in addition to cancer cell cultures and some immunological tests.

Immunology unit:

Equipped with an (ELISA) device from the German company, Human. It runs the majority of immunological tests.

Microbiology unit:

Equipped with a (Vitek2 compact), the latest device for bacterial culture. It’s used to discover the type of bacteria responsible for the disease, and what type of antibiotic to combat it. The unit is also equipped with a (Bactalert) device which runs tests for blood cultures, body fluids and tuberculosis. Both devices are from the French company, BIOMERIEUX.
Additionally, the unit is equipped with lab incubators from the German company, Memmert, and also a biosafety cabinet from the American company, LABCONCO.

Soft Tissue Pathology unit:

Equipped with a tissue culture system from the German company, Leica, which possesses a lot of experience in tissue culture tests and continuously works to provide the best services for pathologists.

Other equipment:

The lab is equipped with microscopes from the German company, Karl Zeiss, which is known for their imaging accuracy. There are also centrifugation devices from the reliable German company, Hittich.

The workforce in the laboratory have extensive knowledge and they’re supervised by highly-qualified pathologists.

Workhours: 24/7.

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