What is a “Charity” Work?

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What is a “Charity” work?


It is a non-profit work that has great humanitarian value performed by an individual, a group or an entity in order to assist in and develop the lives of other citizens or other human societies in a benevolent manner.

This work is not based on a specific wage or financial compensation. Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital was founded on the donations and contributions of righteous people worldwide, and it is not affiliated with any official, religious or political entities. However, due to the prohibitive cost of medical care in general, the hospital provides adequate medical services to the patients -in accordance with international healthcare standards- in exchange of a nominal fee to cover the costs of treatment without any other individual or group reaping the profits of these resources. In other words, Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital project is a non-profit charity hospital, and our objective is not money-oriented, but to seek God’s satisfaction and heal The Sick.

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