How to Book

How to book for operations, surgical interventions and inpatient wards:

Inpatient room reservation:

The surgical procedure date depends on the doctor’s referral sheet, which must be approved by the hospital. It’s also possible to book an appointment a day or two before the operation if the patient or his chaperon come to the hospital with a medical referral.

The required documents for reservation are as follows:

1- Medical referral by the surgeon.
2- The patient’s identification papers (ID and passport).
3- Cesarean section requires the marriage contract and documents of both spouses.
4- Medical examinations, e.g. tests and x-rays (if available).
5- Organizing a special medical file that includes the patient’s full information and admission papers, which are:
– Patient information
– Hospital instructions (click here for tips and instructions)
– Furniture list
– Surgery consent form
– Security
– Medical exam sheet
– Discharge permit
6- Obtaining surgical insurance.
Thereafter, a call is made to the patient ward so that a nurse will receive and escort the patient to the room assigned to him by the admission office. When the patient is officially admitted to the hospital, the Head of Operation Room calls the surgeon.

Patient consent for operation/surgical intervention:

1. The patient and one of his first-degree relatives sign a consent form, in the presence of O.R. surgeon.
2. The guarantee money includes surgery fees and insurance for the anesthesia and treatment given to the patient according to schedule. The insurance money covers the fees of treatment and additional tests, if any, or the patient gets a refund once he’s discharged, all safe and sound.
3. Overall, surgery prices depend on the category of the operation (normal childbirth, C-section, minor/medium/major/major extensive surgery), this excludes foreign doctors because their fees depend on the equipment they use while performing procedures.

Inpatient rest:

Rest period varies from one operation to another, for an example: cesarean section, minor, medium and major surgery prices include one night of inpatient rest free of charge. Major extensive surgery prices include a free rest period of two nights. As for orthopedic and spine surgery, the hospital offers three nights of inpatient rest free of charge, all meals included.

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