Urology Unit

Urology Dept.

The hospital’s urology unit has the latest medical and therapeutic equipment and technologies.
– Ureteroscopy
– Laser Lithotripsy
– Endoscopic resection of bladder and prostate tumors 
– Cystoscopy (without anesthesia)
– Treating reproductive disorders, male infertility and erectile dysfunction
– Treating hypospadias
– Circumcision using modern instruments and scientific methods
– Treating varicose veins, hydrocele, inguinal hernia and cryptorchidism  
– Prostate biopsy and diagnosis of prostate disorders and infertility – Excision of renal tumors

The abovementioned procedures are performed under the supervision of a medical staff expert in urology.

They’re available during the day on Saturday and Monday, and during day and evening on Tuesday and Thursday.

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