Pediatrics Unit

The pediatrics unit deals with patients aged 1 day – 15 years (both genders) as defined by the Iraqi Ministry of Health. The unit is supervised by qualified doctors who hold higher degrees in their fields of specialty.

Pediatric Consultation:

It’s concerned with:

1) Preterm and neonatal disorders.

2) Respiratory disorders, including upper and lower respiratory tract infections, acute ear infections, bronchial allergy and asthma.

3) Digestive system and liver disorders.
4) Disorders of the nervous system.
5) Endocrine disorders and diabetes.
6) Kidney and urinary tract disorders and urinary incontinence.
7) Transmitted diseases.
8) Delayed mental and motor development (walking) and speech delay.
9) Genetic and metabolic disorders.
10) Allergy and autoimmune disorders.
11) Blood disorders and tumors (in regards to initial diagnosis).


1) It encompasses medical care for newborn babies from the moment of their birth in the delivery room/OR to the time they are received by their parents.
2) It features an infection control system and supporting devices to speed up recovery.

Pediatric ward:

Concerned with children whose condition requires hospitalization and patient’s admission.

Emergency ward:

Concerned with children in a critical condition.

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