How to Donate?

Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital relied on the generous donations and efforts of charitable parties and the financial contribution of benefactors throughout its construction and equipping. Since this is a non-profit project, it has opened the door to the contribution of philanthropic efforts, including:

1) Sponsoring patients with low income:

The hospital receives indigent, low-income patients and underprivileged families for two hours on a daily basis at the emergency ward, free of charge. In addition to reducing medical service fees by filling in the discount form specified for low-income patients.
Valued donors may contribute in supporting patient funds and take care of their treatment costs at the hospital.
Every month, the accounting department sends to sponsors a detailed list of the benefiters’ names, addresses, the services and discount prices they were offered.

2) Monetary donations:

The hospital welcomes all financial donations regardless of their amount. These donations are used to purchase modern medical equipment and to provide new medical services at the hospital.
You can send your donations via the Trade Bank of Iraq, Karbala branch.
Account No.:  0012005736002 Development and Relief Foundation
Dealer bank: JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Dealer code: CHASUS33XXX
You can also donate via credit card:
‘Healing Angels’ program:
If you are a health professional, willing to volunteer and dedicate your time to serving disadvantaged patients, we will gladly welcome you into our Healing Angels program.

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