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Ways of Giving
Thank you for choosing to support Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital- Karbala (project). Your gift is an investment in the future of quality healthcare in the province of Karbala. A unique feature of Imam Al-Hujjah hospital is that it solely relies on contributions from generous philanthropists and good-hearted people and charitable believers worldwide to establish and expand the vital projects and programs that improve the quality of healthcare. Each gift is deeply appreciated regardless of its kind and amount, since it will certainly help our physicians and medical staff to provide excellent service using advanced technology and treatment methods.
“Your contribution to this project is the main cause of ending the suffering of our patients and their families”.
Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of millions of people who have been marginalized and are at risk of complications that require the best of humanity, the best of medicine, and the best of faith to step forward. Together we can be certain that we will make a difference, God Willing.
How can I contribute?
Financial contributions
Your financial contributions can be made through the following means:
Through Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI).
City of Karbala, Republic of Iraq.
Branch code: 0012
Account Name: Development and Relief Foundation
Account number in US $: 00120025736002
Account number in IQ Dinar: 0012005736001
Bank Telephone #: +96415423202
Bank Swift Code: TRIQIQBAXXX
Intermediary/ Correspondent Bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Intermediary Bank Swift Code: CHASUS33XXX
Through Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, & Discover) or Paypal. You can contribute online using your credit cards, through Development and Relief Foundation website system. Please follow the DRF link: Click Here
Financial contribution for specific medical equipment;
You can contribute to a specific medical equipment item chosen from the (PDF file) . Your name (or the one you choose) will be engraved on the item as a generous donor.
Please select the item number from the PDF list and fill out the request form of medical equipment donation.

Full Name:
Email :
Tel No:
Form of Donation:

Item #:
Item Description:
Units to be purchased:
Unit Price:
Total price ($ U.S):
Please note the items’ estimate prices are based on 2013 estimate, which may vary from year to year.
Volunteer Work
If you are a professional and would like to dedicate your time volunteering at Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital, then please enroll in The Healing Angel Program.
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