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Why Imam Al-Hujjah Hospial?

“And whoever revives it (human soul) as if he saved all mankind”. (5:32, Holy Qur’an).

It is to fulfill the desire of ensuring safety, comfort, and respect for human life as inspired by the holy verse from the holy Qur’an above, that those in charge initiated this venture. This project has been designed and planned for a well-integrated regional healthcare system by which our patients will receive a highly efficient medical treatment compatible with the most advanced medical standards. The level of proficiency will be well suited, and integrated as part of the universal humanitarian and ethical paradigm for the practice of excellent medicine. A key philosophy will be the focus on human values that are congruent with the moral dignity of the patients and their status, regardless of their ethnic and religious affiliations. In addition, the hospital intends on playing a lead role in shaping services for the advancement of its community and citizens by contributing to and cooperating with health authorities and educational institutions in the country to raise the level of health awareness among the constituency.

Filling a Gap

Due to the lack of medical services related to the past international blockade under the former regime and the compounded current perilous political and security condition, the holy city of Karbala, in particular, has been deprived from adequate number of health centers and hospitals. Currently, the situation lends itself to only a handful suboptimal hospitals and clinics that provide medical services for more than a million and a half of residents, much less to millions of visitors and pilgrims who annually pay visit to the city. In such situation the DRF, under the auspices and guidance of his eminence Ayatollah Al-SayedMortada Al-Qazweeni, started the project of Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital as a charitable venture to assist the local authorities in providing well-integrated healthcare facilities to the citizens and pilgrims alike.

Currently, the healthcare state is suboptimal in the province of Karbala. The total number of hospital beds available in the province is 1,163 for a total population of 1.2 million, which puts the rate of bed/population in Karbala below % 1, smaller than 14 provinces out of 18 total in  Iraq. Moreover, according to province council’s report in 2007 the first cause of death among adults in the province is cardiac arrest with 984 cases, followed by cerebral strokes with 496 cases and Cancer with 323 cases. Moreover, Iraq’s Ministry of Health budget in 2010 was 2,829,161,924,274 Iraqi Dinar, which would equal to $ 2.413 billion. Karbala province district of health’s total budget was 125,861,936,209 Iraqi Dinar, which would equal to $ 108 million. Out of 18 Iraq’s provinces Karbala takes number 14th for health budget allocations, which is around % 5 of the country’s total budget, despite hosting millions of pilgrims every year! This substandard situation underscores the importance and vitality of Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital as a charitable venture.

It is a “Work of Charity”:

The Imam Al-Hujjah hospital project is a charitable hospital founded upon the contributions and patrons of philanthropy at large. 
It is independent not affiliated with any official governmental, political, religious or financial entity. However, 
 because of the prohibitive cost of healthcare, at the present time the hospital will provide medical care 
 in exchange for a nominal fee that will cover the cost of treatment. Our goal is God’s Satisfaction and the healing of the ill!

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