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About US

Welcome to our official website,

We are committed to promote healthier lives through dedication to the care of each patient.

 Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital-Karbala (project) is part of a series of charitable projects established and sponsored by the Development and Relief Foundation under the guidance and supervision of His Eminence Al-SayedMortada Al-Qazweeni. The construction of the hospital, with a 145-bed capacity, has started in 2008 and is expected to be completed and put to service in the second quarter of 2016, God willing.

The Development and Relief Foundation (DRF)

The DRF is the mother foundation under which a series of charitable projects have been running in Iraq since 2004. Among these works of charity are the Imam Al-Sadiq Elementary and Middle Orphan schools, Assalihat Academy for orphans, the construction of neonatal intensive care unit at children’s hospital in city of Karbala, the distribution of food and essential items to the needy, as well as the establishment of Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital-Karbala. The DRF is a non-governmental charity foundation, with a registry number of 1Z49106 of the NGOs directorate of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, Republic of Iraq. In recognition to its humanitarian work, the DRF gained the endorsement of the Iraqi government as an “official public charity foundation”. On April 9, 2013, the cabinet of ministers of the Republic of Iraq unanimously took the decision of granting “Development and Relief Foundation” the title of “Public Charity” with all privileges in accordance with article 17 of the NGO law. In addition, its affiliate in North America is registered in the United States as a charitable non-profit tax-exempt organization under the article 501(C)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Department.

The DRF was founded on the belief that a quality education and health care are essential parts of supporting a developing civil society and a fledgling democracy; moreover, on the understanding that providing services to the underserved and impoverished Iraqis is the responsibility of the global community. Therefore, the DRF is focused on offering support to organizations and programs that provide educational, vocation and healthcare services to the people of Iraq.

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values:

Our Mission and vision is to serve the at risk populations in Karbala Province with medical expertise, comprehensive and highly compassionate care.

Our Core Values:

1) To be a leading and distinctive Healthcare system that delivers quality medicine to those who entrust us, as commanded by the almighty God and inspired by our faith tenants which command an ethical duty toward each patient.

2) To provide health and therapeutic services while being committed to the utmost integrity and professionalism.

3) To provide high quality of healthcare with minimum cost of treatment.

4) To contribute to raising the level of health awareness among citizens through collaboration with health authorities and educational institutions in the country.

5) To be recognized and endorsed by major international credential institutes through our quality services.

 6) To be prepared for disaster relief without any restriction in case the city and adjacent provinces were subject to acts of violence or natural disasters, that we treat the victims free of any cost for treatment- God Willing.

A Charitable work:

 It is an unlimited act of love and kindness toward all others. 
   It is that which represents the value of human nature, and is taken up by the individual(s) in order 
 to improve the quality of life and dignity of others such that there is a contribution to the development 
 and sustainability of the human condition and its communities. It is also characterized by non-for-profit nature that does not seek a given material compensation.

 The Imam Al-Hujjah hospital project is a charitable hospital founded upon the contributions and patrons of philanthropy at large. 
It is not affiliated with any official governmental, political, religious or financial entity. However, 
 because of the prohibitive cost of healthcare, at the present time the hospital will provide medical care 
 in exchange for a nominal fee that will cover the cost of treatment. Our goal is God’s Satisfaction and the healing of the ill!

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